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About Work Space Search Pricing & Information

Paid Listings Pricing

Unlimited Properties can be advertised on Work Space Search for £65 per month + VAT where applicable. (other currencies will be calculated using at the time of invoice).

Work Space Search is a Property Advertising portal. Wondering how we are different? And what you get for your money? See what is included in a listing on Work Space Search here.

Work Space Search is a free-to-search-service linking those looking to rent, or use flexible property services, and those looking to let Flexible Commercial Property, across all sectors, worldwide. Advertising your property or service on Work Space Search is as flexible as the flexible type of property we have listed on the portal, some of our advertising partners choose to; 

  • In some circumstances we will agree deals to list property on a fee share basis, paying a 10% fee to Work Space Search only when enquiries turn into customers. To operate in this way your business needs to have totally transparent tracking system in place, so we can keep an eye on the leads we are introducing to you. For more information you can email us at - The fee share option is only suitable and available for certain types of property and companies (Agents, Brokers, Landlords).
  • Paid listing basis. Work Space Search paid listings customers DO NOT PAY ANY REFERRAL FEES.

Additional Promotion Options

Location + Channel Banner Advertising - Various options are available, from £30 per month / per location / per property sector type.

Location + Channel Premium Listings - The top position on every location and property type summary page can be paid for at £45 per month. Only one premium listing per location + property type can be purchased.

Home Page Featured Work Spaces - On the Home Page, Featured Properties £150.00 per month / per property. A maximum of five properties will be displayed as Home Page Premium Listings.

For more information about the additional ways you can promote your Work Space with us please email us at

Prices quoted are all in GBP £ Sterling - is used to calculate other currencies at the time of invoice.

Work Space Search is unique in the way it puts those looking to fill, and those looking to find flexible commercial property options, directly in touch.