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Are Serviced Offices Expensive? Comparing Serviced Offices.

Serviced Offices, normally situated in buildings known as business centres, provide options at all levels of cost and standard of office, covering both ends of the pricing spectrum from cheap to luxury.

Some serviced offices offer economically priced offices, which are a little like offices with workshops, they have basic but functional furniture rather than hi-end designer tables and chairs, but none the less suit many companies needing flexible office space, perhaps as the business starts up and grows.

At the top end of the serviced office space market you have 5 star serviced offices, located in very prestigious buildings, some located in the most famous buildings in the world like Canary Wharf Tower, The Gherkin on St Mary Axe in The City of London, Heron Tower or the impressive Shard building. Other luxury serviced offices are in more traditionally styled offices, the sort with chandeliers and wood panelling.

So, are serviced offices expensive? Well, perhaps the more important question is, 'like for like are serviced offices more expensive or cheaper than traditionally leased office space?' Unfortunately there is no simple answer, you need to make your own evaluation of each specific case.

To make a fair comparison you need to evaluate your companies’ individual needs and then see what is available in the market place to accommodate these needs - serviced offices and offices to let.

There are complex cost models which take into account the growth pattern of companies - capital expenditure and the term it is amortized in the budgets - labour costs - length of the lease and many other variable costs.

In most cases business centres with serviced offices can be cheaper than the alternative solution offered by a leasehold office, and in a few other scenarios it might be more expensive to take a serviced office rather than leasing your office.

The real answer is to start your search for serviced offices and have a free and detailed discussion regarding your office space needs with an expert, they can advise you of what is and is not included, what the fixed and variable costs when considering serviced offices are, enabling you to make a fully informed decision about what works for you.