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What are the benefits of using serviced offices - Work Space Search

Serviced offices provide you with a turn key solution - no capital expenditure at the outset takes pressure off business cash flow, outsourced facilities and services allows focus to be applied to  running your business, and not on running your office space.

Contract flexibility

The length of commitment is decision you make. Whether you require an office for a month or for a year you decide. There are usually cost benefits for longer commitments.

Speed of access and therefore speed to market The buying can literally take a number of hours to complete from initial enquiry to taking occupation. serviced office spaces are available instantly allowing you to focus your business where it needs to be.

Space flexibility

serviced offices are designed to allow you to grow your business in the one building, You can start with a one person office and as you grow expand to a 4 person offices and so on. In the long term this will provide substantial cost savings.

Reduced risk / cost for entering new markets When deciding whether a new market is worth exploiting for your organization cost of property and the length of commitment is generally an important factor. serviced office spaces allow you to test the market with minimal capital outlay and risk.

Fixed cost base

For many businesses it is important of have fixed costs that can be budgeted annually allowing you to focus on your targets. serviced offices provide you with a fixed cost which includes virtually all costs. Additional costs are minimal and easy to forecast.


Trading histories, Director's guarantees, Covenants and Bank guarantees are when leasing 'Conventional Office Space'. When renting serviced office spaces you will pay a refundable deposit and then an on going monthly licence fee. No credit reference checks, guarantees or Covenants will be needed.