Single Office Space for Rent

Small Offices & Single Office Spaces for Rent

With more and more small businesses and start up companies being formed than for many years, and with a large number of these consisting of only one or two workers, Work Space Search takes a look at how people can easily find a single office space for rent.

People or companies who need only a smaller office space currently must also to consider that if business grows, they may need to employ new staff, and they will need office space too, so being fully committed to a small office lease, without flexibility could be very restrictive and potentially damaging. So what is the best solution if you need flexible office space?

Single Office Space for Rent

Flexible Office Space Rentals – An Office That Grows with Your Business

When you only need space for one or two people now, but plan to grow you business to include additional employees over time, traditional office leases can be quite restrictive. A lease generally commits you to a specific office space, of a specific size, for a specific period of time, that makes it hard to upscale to house new staff as you growth plans require.

Good News! – There is a solution. With the flexibility to upgrade your office to a larger one, often within the same building, and generally available on month-to-month rental agreements, Serviced Offices are the savvy choice of modern business.

Serviced office are very flexible, generally already furnished and with additional services available such as:

  • Administrative support staff on site.
  • Telephone answering and receptionist “meet and greet” services.
  • Technical support staff available.
  • Pay as you use meeting rooms on-site.

Finding a single office space for rent, with the flexibility to grow and up-size as business demands, is Free and Easy with Work Space Search – Just fill in the enquiry form telling us where you’d like your new office and we will organise a totally free office space report to be emailed to you, covering all the options available, no matter where in the world you need to work ………

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Central Oxford Regeneration Scheme Announced

Oxpens in £200m development deal for Oxford city centre

Oxpens in £200m development deal for Oxford city centre

A major £200 million mixed-use scheme, which will breathe new life into the heart of Oxford, has moved a step closer  following the purchase of key land in the Oxpens area and the signing of a historic joint venture between Nuffield College, Oxford and Oxford City Council.

Oxford City Council and Nuffield College have formed a joint venture company and acquired land from London and Continental Railways and Oxford City Council in the heart of Oxford’s West End that will see a new neighbourhood created with hundreds of new homes, offices and possibly a hotel. The acquisition ends years of uncertainty over the Oxpens area and complements Nuffield College’s acquisition of the Jam Factory and Island Site from Christ Church last year.

The Oxpens site is one of the largest development areas within the Oxford West End action area and lies almost opposite the new John Lewis, conveniently located between the new Westgate shopping centre and Oxford railway station.

The Council has stated that the Oxpens development is a strategic priority in the Oxford City Deal and the Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan, unlocking major private sector investment and jobs as well as delivering significant wider benefits.  The intention of the joint venture partners is to select a development partner to take the scheme forward during 2017 to coincide with the opening of the new Westgate in Autumn 2017.

Council leader Bob Price said previously there were plans to increase the proposed density of development at the Oxpens, to boost both the amount of potential office space and homes – including social housing and key worker properties.

Nuffield College Bursar Gwilym Hughes said: “We have made a real breakthrough and are very excited about these plans. We see this site as playing a pivotal key role in addressing the lack of affordable housing for a wide range of people in Oxford.

“The regeneration of the West End will be of huge benefit to everyone and I cannot think of a groundbreaking approach like this that has been taken in Oxford before.

“Everyone realises you cannot do these schemes in isolation and we have now got to see how these sites could fit together.”

Mr Hughes said it was hoped academic buildings for the College and Oxford University in the West End could be combined with new homes, commercial and leisure buildings, in a bid to create a “cluster” for the social sciences and vibrant public spaces.

Bidwells and Minns Estates are advising Nuffield College, whilst JLL are advising Oxford City Council.

About Bidwells:

Bidwells helps its clients achieve exceptional returns from property by focusing on high opportunity markets including the Golden Triangle and the rural markets across England and Scotland.The Golden Triangle is responsible for 44% of all the real estate activity in the UK and is one of the most important clusters of bioscience and research in the world. Key rural markets (including agriculture, forestry and renewables) have consistently outperformed equities and bonds in recent years and are of significant interest to UK and overseas investors

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5 things to make your new office space fun

Moving Office? Check out these 5 things that can make your new office space more fun

The process of moving into a new office space is very demanding, but it makes you enthusiastic in a way – it’s probably because you feel that you’re growing and you can actually see the progress. When it comes to that kind of success you should definitely celebrate it – that’s just one of the ways to make your employees happy and show them you’re not just a mean money hungry boss. If you’re interested, check out these few ideas.

  • Get an office pet

Having an animal in your office could turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever did for your business – you just need to decide what kind of pet is the most suitable for your environment. Adopting a dog is always a great idea – they’re cuddly, friendly and loyal. If you’re more of a cat person, it could work as well – you can’t really play with cats like you can with dogs and they probably won’t get along with everyone in your office, but they usually have a strong personality – that could be the thing that your office is missing. Having birds is not a bad idea – they’ll have a calming effect on your employees. Besides, birds could be a beautiful decorative addition to your office. Having an office pet is fun, but also a big responsibility. You need to set some ground rules about the pet’s nutrition and health, which all employees must obey.

5 things to make your new office space fun by getting an office pet

  • Have a weekly game night

Organizing an event like this could really boost up the spirit in your office. This is a casual event where people gather simply to have fun – it’s really easy to really get to know people in these conditions, because everyone will be relaxed. Other than that, it’s not bad to shake up things a bit with some healthy, but regulated competition – it could reflect on the business, as well. But, a game room requires some investments – you should equip it with contemporary devices and gadgets that people find entertaining. Additionally, you should consider getting a couple of board games, because some of your employees will probably prefer them.

  • You need the chemical X

The Powerpuff Girls had Professor who made the chemical X that gave them their powers, but what does your chemical X do? Every office should have something weird that makes them unique. It could be something simple, like having a different theme for each room; or something playful – like a slide. If you want to go a step further in being a fun boss, you should insist that everyone has an email address that is actually a name of their favorite superhero. If you really get into this superhero thing, a casual Friday could turn into a really interesting costume party. Chemical X should represent the spirit of your office – you should give it some extra thought in order to find the real source of your powers.

  • Stock up with snacks and cool drinks

Having an office kitchen could really change the way you do things around your office and make them friendly. Most of your employees won’t feel the need to go out and have a lunch break, because they’ll have the whole kitchen on their disposal. If you think the kitchen is a bit too much, you could simply add a few fridges and furniture pieces with drawers and fill them up with refreshing (non-alcoholic) drinks and delicious snacks. Besides, having your employees in the building non-stop could make your job much easier.

5 things to make your new office space fun

  •  Funny office supplies

A good sense of humor could really affect the atmosphere around your office by lowering the tension. There are many companies that could supply you with funny items, like drumstick pencils, like and dislike stamps, tetris-shaped sugar cubes, interesting bookmarks or cups with printed jokes or comics. Every office should have a healthy dose of positivity that’s not too distracting – this may be the perfect solution.

  •  Funky Furniture

What about choosing some fun & funky contemporary furniture for you new office, or getting some bespoke furniture designed? Zero gravity chairs that look stunning and give your lower back a rest, ergonomic office chairs to aid a healthy posture or funky swivel recliner chairs to help you truly relax on your lunch break and add a great looking design to your office or staff room.

Swivel Recliners fun & funky contemporary office furniture

If you really want to be a fun boss, you need to balance out many things – people working for you should feel comfortable and amused, but on the other hand – they need to know their responsibilities and respect all deadlines. In order to handle all this, you should make sure that your office space is big enough that it can contain both – a working and a playing part. If you’ve decided to rent office space, you can probably find something similar to what you have in mind – it’s definitely easier to rent something like this, already furnished according to your needs, than to first demolish and then built everything from scratch.

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Work Space News 11 December 2013

A Round Up of Work Space News on Wednesday December 11th 2013

Welcome to the Work Space Search News Roundup on 11-12-2013. Today we have Work Space headlines and news from;


PSFK - Inspiring Creative Business

Noozhawk Santa Barbara & Goleta Local News


Pencil Shavings Studio



Please click on any headline to read the full article.

Airbnb Headquarters Recreate Their Listed Apartments Inside The Office [Pics] – PSFK

Airbnb worked with global planning and design firm Gensler to build the company’s new headquarters at 888 Brannan in San Francisco.

The Airbnb founders, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk, gave the Gensler project team the task of creating an office that reflected the company’s values, culture, and brand. To fully understand the brand ethos, the Gensler team immersed themselves in the Airbnb offices for four months.

Office Cubicle Etiquette Has Space for Boundaries

You’re sitting in your cubicle at work, busy with a client proposal for the boss. A shrill, irritating cell phone ring pierces the air and interrupts your train of thought. The person in the next cubicle over answers in a loud voice. Suddenly, you hear him jump to his feet and start cursing and screaming. It’s the worst! He’s rude and inconsiderate beyond belief, and you’ve spoken to him about it before. You put on your headphones and turn on some music to block the noise and wish for one of those sound-proof cubicles you’ve heard about. You make a note to ask the boss in your next meeting.

Flexible, Affordable Office Space in Rio de Janeiro : AngloINFO Rio de Janeiro

When you decide to start a new business in Brazil, first of all, you have to make decisions about your company’s legal structure, size, initial capital, and other aspects that could affect your future business success in Brazil.

If finding all the relevant information turns out to be more than you can handle, Ideia Atlantico can offer the best solution.

Office Space & a quick Ikea hack

Are you the kind of person who can work from home or does it drive you bonkers? Here’s what I’ve realized about myself: I cannot possibly stay at home all day every day and stay sane.   I require what I like to think of as The 3 S’s:  adequate doses of sunlight and socialization — and possibly shopping, if I’m being honest here.

The Future of the Office

In the future, offices will become more and more accessible from home, and then eventually be accessible from anywhere. The term office will be antiquated, and replaced by a word that describes a certain type of holographic system.

PivotDesk | Boston Office Space

PivotDesk gives you flexibility with our “per person, per month” booking license. PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs build great companies. We do that by eliminating one of the biggest barriers that all entrepreneurs face: Finding the right place to grow your business. By providing all the tools each side needs to make it a beneficial and no-stress relationship, PivotDesk will transform the way you think about office space.

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Serviced Office Space News Round Up – Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

Welcome to the Serviced Office Space News Round Up from Work Space Search on Tuesday December 10th 2013

Please click on the article headline links to see the full story or post.

Servcorp to open new Singapore location in 2014 – Servcorp Singapore (press release) – – Servcorp is set to expand its operation in 2014 by opening a new location in Singapore. Adding to its four existing sites in the city, the virtual and serviced office provider is capitalizing on th…

UK firms waste a quarter of a billion each year on Christmas parties few want – The UK spends more than a quarter of a billion pounds on office parties – but for nearly half of the population the events are a chore more associated with drunkenness and often regrettable romanti…

How to avoid a wasted December – It’s tempting to write off the “winding down time” before a major holiday as a period when useful work will suffer – but there’s no need. Identifying important and urgent work, and the difference b…

Cracking the Code to Successful Networking

Shared by
Avanta Serviced Office Group – – Time is money. While networking is an essential part of growing your business, don’t attend every event in your in-box believing your business will automatically benefit. If you want to crack the c…

Which boss are you this holiday season? Santa or Scrooge? – – With Christmas Day falling in the middle of the week, employers are in tricky spot – will they be Santa or Scrooge – give employees the whole week off or ask them to come into work? What if bosses …

Can a Serviced Office near the Silicon Roundabout Work for your Business? – Can a Serviced Office near the Silicon Roundabout Work for your Business? Silicon Roundabout is the buzz word of the decade. First used in 2010 to describe the emerging trend of startups near Old S…

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Work Space News 06 December 2013

A Round Up of Work Space News on Friday December 6th 2013

Click on any headline to view the full article

Kenyans Come Home – GM – Serviced Offices (Nbi)

GM responsibility for sales (80%) and operations (20%) of a business centre and focused on generating new sales, achieving and maintaining centre sales targets, whilst growing and retaining existin…

Office space converted to condos, apartments to meet demand for urban housing

18.1 million square feet of office space in downtown Manhattan and Los Angeles has been converted to condos and apartments in the past decade, and the trend from office to multifamily c…

iKeva – Serviced Offices, Traditional Office Space, Virtual Office Setup

iKeva serviced offices are fully equipped with the right kind of infrastructure to make your day more productive.

Mozilla Factory Space By Nosigner

“We designed Mozilla Japan’s new office’s ground floor, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is one of the part of the Mozilla Foundation which have promoted the i…

Quip lands on Android, sets its sights on Microsoft Office space (Wired UK)

Word-processing app Quip, which was created by ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and ex Google-guy Kevin Gibbs and released in the summer, today finds its way onto Android for the first time. It’s an imp…

The great migration back to Melbourne CBD office space is on: JLL

The great migration back to the Melbourne CBD is on. Fresh research from Jones Lang LaSalle has revealed a notable lift in the number of city fringe occupiers moving back to the Melbourne CBD over …
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Serviced Offices in Dublin – Traditional Modern & Futuristic

A Wide Range of Serviced Offices in Dublin Offer Flexibility, Variation and Great Value.

Dublin has had a real up-and-down time of things recently, especially if you think of things purely from an economic point of view. One positive thing that provides some hope and stability for the Commercial Property sector in Dublin however is the availability of such a wide variety of office building types, for those considering Serviced Offices in Dublin.

Serviced Offices in Dublin, St Stephen's Green, D2For Companies looking for a more traditional office space, this Serviced Offices in Dublin, at St Stephen’s Green, Dublin D2 offers office space to rent, with occupancy on flexible terms in two inter-connecting Georgian buildings which we’re built in 1840. They have been beautifully restored to their original grandeur but still offer an excellent level of connectivity, and thus can suit any kind of business, large or small, who needs office space in Dublin.

The interior decor is beautiful and traditional. Meeting Rooms with brown leather chairs and polished solid wood tables can be used by businesses occupying these tall windowed and high ceiling-ed offices.



Serviced Offices in Dublin near Harcourt Road, Dublin, D2

For those wanting a more modern office building, the Serviced Offices in Harcourt Road, Dublin, D2 offer an impressive feel in a five floor building right in the heart of Dublin s business district, ideally situated between Camden and Harcourt Street.

On offer is serviced & flexible office space, with a full reception, call answering & virtual offices / mailbox, meeting & conference rooms, including video conferencing. All tenants enjoy being attentively serviced by highly trained multilingual staff.

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Which US Tech Company do the Happiest Employees Work for?

Information about a recent survey, based on reviews from the website CareerBliss, has been published on BusinessNewsDaily, a comprehensive resource for people planning to start a business. You might be quite surprised to find out which tech company in the US the happiest employees work for.

Tech businesses worldwide and especially in the United States famously offer employees considerable extra benefits, however there are a few US Tech companies that really stand out from the crowd when it comes to maintaining their workers happiness.

CareerBliss’s survey rated the happiness of employees at some of the United States biggest tech companies, and created a Top Ten.

At number one, and thus noted as the happiest workers in US Tech we’re the employees at
Intuit. Intuit Inc are possibly best known for their accounting QuickBooks products and have been placed 22nd in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013.

In second place are Texas Instruments, the US global semiconductor design & manufacturing company and Avaya, a global leader in business communications we’re placed at number 3.

GoogleGoogle’s Tech Workers in the US, who receive benefits such as free haircuts, free drinks & food, office based doctors and gyms have the 4th happiest employees at a US tech business. 5th is EMC Corp, then in 6th place on the Top Ten are Intel, who are world renowned for their processors. The remaining four companies making up the top 10 include Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Yahoo!, Unisys and HCL Technologies.

One of the Co-founders at CareerBliss and current CEO, Heidi Golledge, commented that the survey findings highlighted the importance of company culture in keeping workers happy.

“When it comes to happy tech companies, factors such as one’s relationship with their peers and their company’s culture have the greatest influence on overall happiness,” Heidi said. “Employees at Intuit rated company culture and the work they do as key factors in their overall happiness.”

One stand out finding from the survey is that employees at US tech companies did not place their salary as one of the main factors influencing their workplace happiness.

Golledge also noted, “For example, Yahoo, which ranked eighth on our list, has one of the highest average salary listings at around $87,000 a year, whereas Intuit’s average salary is $77,000 a year, proving money does not necessarily buy happiness at work. When it comes to tech, folks feel happy creating the latest technology and being part of a cool culture with friends at work.”

If you are interested in more information about Technology businesses in the US check out the Forbes Lists

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Why Rent Serviced Offices ?

Why rent serviced offices ?

It is a common question when you are looking to compare serviced offices and leasehold office space, if researching and planning to potentially move offices. Work Space Search offer some of the benefits you should consider when the question arises.

Serviced office spaces provide businesses with a way to almost instantly occupy new offices, also sometimes referred to as a turn key office solution, choosing serviced offices means you have no capital expenditure at the outset, which takes the pressure of your cash flow, and outsourced facilities and office services allow you to focus on running your core business and not wasting valuable time with tasks connected to running your office space.

Serviced Office Contract Flexibility

The length of commitment is a decision you have to make. Whether you require an office just for a month, or for many months or years, it is up to you to decide, however, there are usually cost benefits for longer commitments.

Speed of access to serviced offices. The negotiation for a serviced office can literally take just an hour or so to complete from initial enquiry to taking occupation. Serviced office spaces are available instantly allowing you to focus your business, located where it needs to be.

Serviced Office Space Flexibility

Serviced office spaces are designed to allow you to grow your business in one building. You can start with a one person serviced office and as you grow you can expand to a 4 person offices, and so on. In the long term this ability to just use the amount of space you need, when you need it, will provide substantial cost savings.

Serviced offices reduced risk and lower costs for businesses entering new markets. When deciding whether a new market is worth exploiting for your organization, the cost of occupying office space and the length of commitment is generally an important factor. Serviced office spaces let companies of all sizes test new markets with minimal capital outlay and risk.

Serviced Office Fixed Cost Base

For many businesses it is important of have a high percentage of their spending as fixed costs, that can be budgeted for annually, allowing clear focus on targets and financial milestones. Serviced office rents are a monthly fixed cost which includes virtually all occupancy costs, additional these costs are minimal and very easy to forecast.

Deposits for Serviced Offices

Trading histories, Director’s guarantees, Covenants and Bank guarantees are often required when leasing ‘Conventional Office Space’. Renting serviced office space, on the other hand, means you will just pay a refundable deposit and then an on going monthly licence fee. No credit reference checks, guarantees or covenants will be needed.

Work Space Search have written many articles for the Work Space industry, in the UK, the United States and worldwide, with the aim of helping small businesses, medium sized companies, as well as large corporate companies wishing to rent all kinds of work space, with industry information, work space comparisons and general work space advice.

Work Space Search has helped businesses find, compare and rent every type of work space, all over the world, from prestigious luxury serviced office space in many of the main global business centres, to practical and affordable industrial units in out of town or rural locations.

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Compare Serviced Offices and Leasehold Office Space Costs

Compare Serviced Offices & the Costs of Leasehold Offices

In order to compare serviced offices, and the overall cost of occupying serviced offices against the cost of leasing offices, which might be considered a more traditional way of renting office space, you first need to establish the sum of both options, also known as the “total occupational cost” or the “total cost of occupancy”.

To establish the total occupational cost of leasehold office space you firstly need to establish the size or area of space you require. You then need to multiply the total size required by the price per square foot or square metre, this will then provide you with the annual rental cost. For example, if you are considering housing 75 staff in serviced offices in Central London, then the leasehold office space you would require might be in the region of 10,000 square feet. If the office building is priced at £18 per square foot, then it will cost you £180,000 per year.

Other occupational costs that need to be calculated also need to be multiplied using the size of  the area (EG 5,000 Sq Ft) by the service charge rate and the business rates and these need to be added to the annual rental cost.

In addition to service charge rates, business rates and the annual rental cost, there are numerous other items that need to be factored in, they are;

Compare Serviced Offices and Leasehold Office Space Costs1 – Capital expenditure on furniture.
2 – Installation of telephone switchboards.
3 – Cabling installation for internet connectivity, network and phone systems, including servers & patch panels etc.
4 – Building works and decoration that will be required to turn the space into the right configuration for your business.
5 – Labour costs for administrative employees, such as office mangers, switchboard operators and receptionists.
6 – Professional fees, such as solicitors’ fees and agents fees.
7 – General costs such as heating, cleaning, electricity and water rates.
8 – Insurance to cover the fabric of the office building structurally (this is sometimes included in the service charge).
9 – You will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the office and for dilapidations at the end of the term.

Once you have calculated all of the above costs and amortized the relevant costs over the approved period of time you will be able to calculate the total cost of occupying your new leasehold office space, and easily compare serviced offices with leasehold office space.

The calculation of serviced office space occupational cost is somewhat similar.  You will be provided with a monthly licence fee cost for the office space which will include all of the costs mentioned above. Once you have this cost you will be able to compare the cost of occupying the serviced office option to that of occupying the leasehold offices.

You cannot directly compare the per square foot prices between serviced offices and leasehold offices, as the space you take in serviced offices is always less than that you would take in leasehold offices, the reception areas, meeting rooms, corridors, bathrooms and kitchen areas are all included for your use if occupying a serviced office, even though the core office space (the area that you work in) will remain identical. Therefore to compare the costs you must compare the total occupational cost of each option alone.

More and more businesses, both large and small are increasingly finding that the overall cost of and flexible nature of the occupancy of serviced offices, with much lower initial capital expenditure are the best and most cost effective option for them.

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