5 things to make your new office space fun

Moving Office? Check out these 5 things that can make your new office space more fun

The process of moving into a new office space is very demanding, but it makes you enthusiastic in a way – it’s probably because you feel that you’re growing and you can actually see the progress. When it comes to that kind of success you should definitely celebrate it – that’s just one of the ways to make your employees happy and show them you’re not just a mean money hungry boss. If you’re interested, check out these few ideas.

  • Get an office pet

Having an animal in your office could turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever did for your business – you just need to decide what kind of pet is the most suitable for your environment. Adopting a dog is always a great idea – they’re cuddly, friendly and loyal. If you’re more of a cat person, it could work as well – you can’t really play with cats like you can with dogs and they probably won’t get along with everyone in your office, but they usually have a strong personality – that could be the thing that your office is missing. Having birds is not a bad idea – they’ll have a calming effect on your employees. Besides, birds could be a beautiful decorative addition to your office. Having an office pet is fun, but also a big responsibility. You need to set some ground rules about the pet’s nutrition and health, which all employees must obey.

5 things to make your new office space fun by getting an office pet

  • Have a weekly game night

Organizing an event like this could really boost up the spirit in your office. This is a casual event where people gather simply to have fun – it’s really easy to really get to know people in these conditions, because everyone will be relaxed. Other than that, it’s not bad to shake up things a bit with some healthy, but regulated competition – it could reflect on the business, as well. But, a game room requires some investments – you should equip it with contemporary devices and gadgets that people find entertaining. Additionally, you should consider getting a couple of board games, because some of your employees will probably prefer them.

  • You need the chemical X

The Powerpuff Girls had Professor who made the chemical X that gave them their powers, but what does your chemical X do? Every office should have something weird that makes them unique. It could be something simple, like having a different theme for each room; or something playful – like a slide. If you want to go a step further in being a fun boss, you should insist that everyone has an email address that is actually a name of their favorite superhero. If you really get into this superhero thing, a casual Friday could turn into a really interesting costume party. Chemical X should represent the spirit of your office – you should give it some extra thought in order to find the real source of your powers.

  • Stock up with snacks and cool drinks

Having an office kitchen could really change the way you do things around your office and make them friendly. Most of your employees won’t feel the need to go out and have a lunch break, because they’ll have the whole kitchen on their disposal. If you think the kitchen is a bit too much, you could simply add a few fridges and furniture pieces with drawers and fill them up with refreshing (non-alcoholic) drinks and delicious snacks. Besides, having your employees in the building non-stop could make your job much easier.

5 things to make your new office space fun

  •  Funny office supplies

A good sense of humor could really affect the atmosphere around your office by lowering the tension. There are many companies that could supply you with funny items, like drumstick pencils, like and dislike stamps, tetris-shaped sugar cubes, interesting bookmarks or cups with printed jokes or comics. Every office should have a healthy dose of positivity that’s not too distracting – this may be the perfect solution.

  •  Funky Furniture

What about choosing some fun & funky contemporary furniture for you new office, or getting some bespoke furniture designed? Zero gravity chairs that look stunning and give your lower back a rest, ergonomic office chairs to aid a healthy posture or funky swivel recliner chairs to help you truly relax on your lunch break and add a great looking design to your office or staff room.

Swivel Recliners fun & funky contemporary office furniture

If you really want to be a fun boss, you need to balance out many things – people working for you should feel comfortable and amused, but on the other hand – they need to know their responsibilities and respect all deadlines. In order to handle all this, you should make sure that your office space is big enough that it can contain both – a working and a playing part. If you’ve decided to rent office space, you can probably find something similar to what you have in mind – it’s definitely easier to rent something like this, already furnished according to your needs, than to first demolish and then built everything from scratch.

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