London Serviced Apartments Vs London Hotels

How to choose a London Serviced Apartments or a London Hotel?

London serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to hotel rooms. In fact, not just in London, but Worldwide, people are choosing serviced apartments over hotels. They are furnished apartments with various amenities often not available with hotels, rented for both short-term and long-term stays. Serviced apartments are used by all types of travelers  from families on holiday to people traveling on business. But why are they becoming so popular?

London Serviced Apartments

The picture above shows the view of the London Eye, from a Serviced Apartment in Central London.

One of the attractions of a serviced apartment is the amount of space and the level of luxury available at a price far lower than a comparable hotel room. The main facility available in a serviced apartment and not a hotel room is your own kitchen, which adds a lot of convenience and obviously can save a lot of money, in terms of evening meals and breakfasts, compared to hotel prices or restaurant rates. It also gives an increased level of freedom in terms of what type of food you can have and when, with no need to get up early to be on time for the hotel breakfast. This is especially good for people travelling with a family as it can be hard to keep everyone happy in terms of food, and also very expensive to eat out three times a day.

As well as having a kitchen, a typical London serviced apartment has more room in general which can be a good thing for people travelling on business who may want to keep their work space separate from their living space. It also means there is room to do business either with clients or colleagues, and therefore save on the cost of hiring meeting rooms, and also more room to socialise. As well as having the extra room to socialise and the freedom to bring guests back, there is also the ability to bring your own drinks with you and a fridge to keep them in, again saving money on either the mini bar or having to drink in the hotel bar itself. This is all along with increased privacy compared to a hotel. Serviced apartments also usually have better internet available than most hotels, however this is sometimes at an additional cost.

The booking process of London serviced apartments, or serviced apartments anywhere for that matter, is also different to a hotel and may be a bit more time consuming and could require more involvement rather than just simply booking online. There are less websites around showing accommodation available, and also the owner may want to meet or speak with you directly to get payment and also to arrange a security or damage deposit. However, this can be made easier by using a serviced apartment booking agent who will be able to go through the process for you, help you find the right accommodation, and may even be able to negotiate a reduced rate for you. All of the above are reasons why more and more people are choosing to use serviced apartments, and once people have used a booking agent or booked one themselves and experienced the process, it usually becomes their first choice when travelling away from home.

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