Serviced Offices – A Smart Choice for Growing Businesses

Why Serviced Offices are a Smart Choice for Growing Businesses

Serviced offices are a relatively new thing here in the UK , but they have been used in the US for a number of years, and the increasing growth of the industry here shows that they are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst businesses. They are fully fitted and furnished offices and often come with computer wiring, internet access and phone connections.

So, you might ask, Why rent serviced offices? Put simply, serviced offices are ready for immediate occupation – which can make them an attractive option for new or growing businesses. And there are a number of other reasons why more and more growing businesses are choosing serviced offices. The offices are looked after by a serviced operator who has responsibility for the office itself as well as a number of additional services usually offered.  Common services included in the price are a reception and secretarial support, conference rooms and also utilities such as rates, heating, electric and cleaning.  Although the offices are often set up for internet and phone access, these are usually provided at an additional, often discounted, cost.  When compared like for like the cost of renting a serviced office usually works out significantly cheaper than renting a regular office and paying for all these facilities on top of that.

Serviced Offices

The fact that serviced offices also come with furniture such as desks, chairs and filing systems also saves businesses a lot of money, particularly new businesses, as they can create a high start up cost.  The money saved on all these facilities provided frees up money spent by businesses on property, furniture etc which can then be re-invested back in to the business.  This can be particularly beneficial for growing businesses as they can use the money saved to help accelerate their growth and maintain their new level of success.

Perhaps the main difference between a serviced office and regular office space to rent is the length of the lease.  Regular offices usually require a long term commitment from a business, often for a number of years.  With serviced offices leases usually run on a 3 month basis which provides increased flexibility for businesses to increase or decrease their office space as desired.  This is especially attractive to growing businesses as it can often be hard to predict staffing needs and growth level for the first few years and so it makes more sense to take out a lease of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and adjust office size as and when it’s needed.  When the growth of the business has stabilized they may then choose to move to a regular office, but they can take as long or as short as they need to make this decision in a serviced office due to its flexibility.

Although serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of businesses, they are particularly appealing to new and growing businesses as they are extremely suited to their needs.  The immediate availability of the office space, access to facilities, and flexible leases as well as the savings made mean a serviced office can help give a growing business that added boost during an important stage in their development.

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