The Busiest Serviced Office Locations around the World

Top 50 Serviced Office Locations Worldwide

Serviced Offices, also known as Executive Suites, mainly in the US, is one of the fastest growing sections of the Commercial Office Space market. The table below shows the Top 50 Serviced Office locations around the world, along with Work Space Search’s estimation of the number of Serviced Office Space locations within each City.

Serviced Offices are the ideal office work space solution for any business expanding internationally, in to established commercial locations or emerging markets, serviced office space occupancy is low risk and offers the flexibility to grow, use larger office space, with very little upfront cost / capital expenditure.

Location Region / Country Approximate Number of Serviced Offices
London United Kingdom 420
New York U.S.A 105
Paris France 100
Hong Kong China 85
Tokyo Japan 82
Sydney Australia 80
Manchester United Kingdom 78
Los Angeles CA – U.S.A 75
Atlanta GA – U.S.A 70
Melbourne Australia 69
Shanghai China 67
Birmingham United Kingdom 65
Dallas TX U.S.A 60
Washington DC U.S.A 59
Bristol United Kingdom 50
Dublin Ireland 49
Madrid Spain 46
Houston TX U.S.A 45
Singapore Singapore 44
Miami FL U.S.A 43
Glasgow United Kingdom 42
Chicago IL U.S.A 40
Leeds United Kingdom 39
Edinburgh United Kingdom 38
Toronto Canada 37
Beijing China 35
Mexico City Mexico 34
Barcelona Spain 32
Munich Germany 32
Nottingham United kingdom 31
Denver CO U.S.A 29
Brussels Belgium 28
Brisbane Australia 27
Frankfurt Germany 27
Las Vegas NV U.S.A 26
Dubai United Arab Emirates 26
Berlin Germany 26
Johannesburg South Africa 25
Mumbai India 25
Stockholm Sweden 24
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 24
Sheffield United Kingdom 24
San Francisco CA – U.S.A 23
Milton Keynes United Kingdom 23
Vancouver Canada 22
Milan Italy 21
Liverpool United Kingdom 21
Amsterdam Netherlands 20
Boston MA U.S.A 20
Belfast United Kingdom 19

Work Space Search lists Serviced Offices and Executive Suites in over 1,400 cities in more than 100 counties. Choose from around 6,000 serviced office locations worldwide, for FREE, with Work Space Search.

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