Top Advantages of Executive Suites and Serviced Offices

An ever growing number of businesses are ignoring the conventional route of leasing office space, and are instead opting for the increased flexibility of renting Serviced Offices.

Also known (mainly in the USA) as Executive Suites, these offices are ideal for companies of all sizes and give business a low capital expenditure way to occupy just the right size of office space, on flexible terms, for your current number of employees, and then perhaps grow in to larger office space only as you need to. In the long term serviced offices and executive suites save businesses money, by only paying for the space you need and not spending on empty leased office space for potential growth, safe in the knowledge you can up-size at anytime.

Serviced Offices and Executive Suites

Options available with Serviced Offices and Executive Suites

Fully Furnished Office Space

The options and services available by using either Serviced Offices in Sydney Australia or Executive Suites in New York USA are the same, as these sorts of office spaces are found in cities and towns worldwide. In this article we discuss what provides the main benefits to any flexible office space occupier, compared to regular leased or rented offices. These fully maintained office spaces come already furnished with everything else you need to run your company or organization. You will find internet connectivity, meeting rooms, staffed receptions, desks, chairs, tables, fans, office equipment, plants, decor, along with other services needed by businesses and employees, to make your day in the office more comfortable and productive.

Meeting Rooms, Conference Space & Break Out Areas

The office building itself will likely also have break out and common use areas where you will find snack machines, dining areas, TV’s, sofas, coffee shops and cafeterias etc. Conference spaces and meeting rooms can be booked, with or without refreshments provided, on a pay-as-you-use basis, some serviced office or executive suite locations even provide equipment for on-screen video conferencing and internet-based communication in their meeting room facilities.

Reception & Secretarial Services

Many businesses utilise the in-house secretarial services provided by some office space operators, so they don’t have to stress about employing full time administration staff themselves. These fully maintained office spaces have properly trained receptionists already present to support of your companies needs. They are available to meet and greet visitors to your office and can also answer your telephone calls and forward them as needed.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services are yet another feature that’s provided for occupiers of serviced offices and executive suites. In most instances, your office is cleaned and your rubbish / garbage is collected, ensuring your office space is always neat and tidy.

Office Security

Security is definitely an essential item for office space providers and the occupying companies. Most office buildings have appropriately trained security guards, some present 24/7, others office spaces utilise secure entry systems for those renting the offices as well as those visiting. Security and safety are things that are generally well thought through and taken very seriously by the serviced office operators.

General Advantages of Serviced Offices and Executive Suites

The primary advantage of using these sorts of office spaces varies depending on the individual needs of each type of occupying business; for some it may be the overall “turn-key” or “plug-n-play” instant convenience you get. For others it’s the fact that it is not necessary to purchase office furnishings or equipment, or wait for them to be shipped to your new location from your old office.

Remember, when using serviced offices and executive suites it may not be necessary to employ a secretary or cleaning staff. You may be given a parking space included in your office rental cost.

Due to the fact these type of offices already feature amenities, for all tenants to use, you’ll save time and money compared with arranging for all these facilities to be in place in a more traditional leased office set-up. Normally by having an office that you have agreed just to lease as a shell, you would need to purchase furniture, equipment and pay for office fit-out. You would also need to consider the salaries for other staff.

Rather than taking the route of agreeing to a long office lease period, with a serviced office you just pay your rent as agreed within the contract and you can occupy a fully furnished and maintained office, moving in potentially the same day as agreeing terms and signing the deal. In some instances, depending on the different deals available at the time, you may not even need to pay a deposit or setup fee, although the normal practice is to pay a 1 or 2 month deposit.

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