Which US Tech Company do the Happiest Employees Work for?

Information about a recent survey, based on reviews from the website CareerBliss, has been published on BusinessNewsDaily, a comprehensive resource for people planning to start a business. You might be quite surprised to find out which tech company in the US the happiest employees work for.

Tech businesses worldwide and especially in the United States famously offer employees considerable extra benefits, however there are a few US Tech companies that really stand out from the crowd when it comes to maintaining their workers happiness.

CareerBliss’s survey rated the happiness of employees at some of the United States biggest tech companies, and created a Top Ten.

At number one, and thus noted as the happiest workers in US Tech we’re the employees at
Intuit. Intuit Inc are possibly best known for their accounting QuickBooks products and have been placed 22nd in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013.

In second place are Texas Instruments, the US global semiconductor design & manufacturing company and Avaya, a global leader in business communications we’re placed at number 3.

GoogleGoogle’s Tech Workers in the US, who receive benefits such as free haircuts, free drinks & food, office based doctors and gyms have the 4th happiest employees at a US tech business. 5th is EMC Corp, then in 6th place on the Top Ten are Intel, who are world renowned for their processors. The remaining four companies making up the top 10 include Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Yahoo!, Unisys and HCL Technologies.

One of the Co-founders at CareerBliss and current CEO, Heidi Golledge, commented that the survey findings highlighted the importance of company culture in keeping workers happy.

“When it comes to happy tech companies, factors such as one’s relationship with their peers and their company’s culture have the greatest influence on overall happiness,” Heidi said. “Employees at Intuit rated company culture and the work they do as key factors in their overall happiness.”

One stand out finding from the survey is that employees at US tech companies did not place their salary as one of the main factors influencing their workplace happiness.

Golledge also noted, “For example, Yahoo, which ranked eighth on our list, has one of the highest average salary listings at around $87,000 a year, whereas Intuit’s average salary is $77,000 a year, proving money does not necessarily buy happiness at work. When it comes to tech, folks feel happy creating the latest technology and being part of a cool culture with friends at work.”

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