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Airbnb Headquarters Recreate Their Listed Apartments Inside The Office [Pics] – PSFK

Airbnb worked with global planning and design firm Gensler to build the company’s new headquarters at 888 Brannan in San Francisco.

The Airbnb founders, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk, gave the Gensler project team the task of creating an office that reflected the company’s values, culture, and brand. To fully understand the brand ethos, the Gensler team immersed themselves in the Airbnb offices for four months.

Office Cubicle Etiquette Has Space for Boundaries

You’re sitting in your cubicle at work, busy with a client proposal for the boss. A shrill, irritating cell phone ring pierces the air and interrupts your train of thought. The person in the next cubicle over answers in a loud voice. Suddenly, you hear him jump to his feet and start cursing and screaming. It’s the worst! He’s rude and inconsiderate beyond belief, and you’ve spoken to him about it before. You put on your headphones and turn on some music to block the noise and wish for one of those sound-proof cubicles you’ve heard about. You make a note to ask the boss in your next meeting.

Flexible, Affordable Office Space in Rio de Janeiro : AngloINFO Rio de Janeiro

When you decide to start a new business in Brazil, first of all, you have to make decisions about your company’s legal structure, size, initial capital, and other aspects that could affect your future business success in Brazil.

If finding all the relevant information turns out to be more than you can handle, Ideia Atlantico can offer the best solution.

Office Space & a quick Ikea hack

Are you the kind of person who can work from home or does it drive you bonkers? Here’s what I’ve realized about myself: I cannot possibly stay at home all day every day and stay sane.   I require what I like to think of as The 3 S’s:  adequate doses of sunlight and socialization — and possibly shopping, if I’m being honest here.

The Future of the Office

In the future, offices will become more and more accessible from home, and then eventually be accessible from anywhere. The term office will be antiquated, and replaced by a word that describes a certain type of holographic system.

PivotDesk | Boston Office Space

PivotDesk gives you flexibility with our “per person, per month” booking license. PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs build great companies. We do that by eliminating one of the biggest barriers that all entrepreneurs face: Finding the right place to grow your business. By providing all the tools each side needs to make it a beneficial and no-stress relationship, PivotDesk will transform the way you think about office space.

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