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Service Sector Companies choose Bradford for their Office Space Location

View Full article about Office Space in Bradford here Service Sector Companies choose Bradford for their Office Space Location The start of 2011 has seen a marked year on year increase in the uptake of office space in Bradford, especially from companies in the service sector. To find out if the service sector trend was a one month blip, or a general growth trend in for this sort of company in the city, we at Bradford Office Space, have been speaking to a number of companies to find out the reasons behind the decisions. We speak to Office Space providers, and companies who have signed new licence agreements or agreed new office tenancies this year, to find out the reasons behind the decisions and the emerging trend in Bradford. Service sector – Training Company
Our customers are based UK wide, so Bradford was a well located centralised point for our new office. We chose this office above others we viewed, mainly because we felt the staffs at the business centre were a real credit to our company, as well as their own. With so many individuals, from so many large companies coming to our offices for training, we need the confidence that the business centre staff will present the right impression of our business, when they meet and greet our clients. Another motivating factor in our decision is the ability to use meeting rooms for our training on an as needed basis, booking and paying as we require them, not wasting money on empty training rooms when we are not holding events.
Service sector – Accountancy Practice
We chose our office space in Dudley Hill Bradford, mainly because we liked the flexibility of the terms of occupying it. We also felt that it was perfectly located and in reach the majority of our existing client base. Part of our client charter is a promise that we will always come to your place of work, if you prefer, but the majority of our clients visit us at least once a year, and are generally based in or around Bradford, so presentable offices in a convenient location are a must have.
Service sector – Recruitment Company
Our recruitment business is a very lean organisation, recruiting for companies in Bradford, Keighley, Halifax and Leeds, our team are out of the office quite often, and so we needed an office space in a building that is managed by a another company, in this case  Bizspace Ltd, we simply don’t have the staff to deal with anything other than our core business. Our “landlord” Bizspace, owns and manages the whole office space and then rents individual offices or floors to other companies like ours. We have a close working relationship with the staff at the Business centre and they provide a variety of additional services vital to our company, such as receptionists, meeting rooms, interview rooms, admin and IT & telecoms assistance.
If you would like to know more about Office Space in Bradford, or at other Properties run by Bizspace, a large UK wide flexible workspace company, visit or call 0845 450 9104.