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Virtual Office Space in Bradford enjoying brisk business due to rising fuel prices and train fares.

The rising price of train fares and the increase in the cost of filling up with petrol and diesel are driving more demand for remote working and virtual office services, that allow office workers to use virtual office facilities and services, rather than their actual office space, to get their work done.

According to Gregg Sheen, Marketing Director at Bizspace Ltd, a leading UK commercial property and virtual office service provider, there has been a marked increase in the take up of companies using Bizspace’s virtual offices. Gregg said: “whether it is further tension in the Middle East that has forced up the crude oil prices, or fuel companies themselves directly increasing prices at the pump, we are seeing commuters and business travellers are thinking twice about the necessity of potential trips to the office or to visit clients, even choosing to drive slower on essential journeys, to conserve their fuel”.

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Rail travellers are also finding journeys to work are becoming a far more expensive exercise, since the start of 2011, when train fares throughout the whole country were increased. Combine these factors with slow or static growth from the effects of the recession, the increases have resulted in a notable decline in the number of rail passengers on major commuter routes, as well as extremely conservative filling up and driving, to increase fuel consumption.

This, perhaps over cautious behaviour at the filling station, has in turn meant the number of fuel-related break downs and call-outs have gone through the roof. In a survey conducted by Breakdown service provider Green Flag, recently, there is evidence of a 40% increase in the number of fuel-related call-outs and that more than 30% of drivers have cut down on their motoring to offset rising fuel prices.

Gregg added “We have seen Bradford in particular benefitting the most in our portfolio, with sales of our virtual offices in Bradford 25% up in the first 10 weeks of 2011, compared to our sales for the same product at the start of 2010. We are hearing our customers say that the price of fuel, train tickets and even new or higher car parking charges have all contributed to the change in behaviour, considering remote and virtual working a serious option, far more than before”. Many members of Bizspace staff, as well as office workers in general, now question the need to bare the financial burden as well as endure the actual journey to work itself”.

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