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Listing Details & Paid Property Listing & Advertising

Wondering how we are different ? And what you get for your money ?

  • Work Space Search listings are manually built and enhanced to be far more search engine friendly than advertising or listing anywhere else.
  • Unlimited Properties can be advertised on Work Space Search for £65 per month + VAT where applicable. (other currencies will be calculated using at the time of invoice).
  • Work Space Search are committed to providing ongoing enhancements to all listings, providing flexible property owners and operators with consistent valuable new business at an unbeatable ROI.
  • Work Space Search is a Multi-Channel Property Portal, more like a Directory than a Broker, we don't charge introduction fee's, we just offer a fantastic marketing platform for you to promote your properties and services online.
  • If your property has offices, meeting rooms and workshops available, then we create listings for these all individually, in each relevant "channel" - Work Space Search is the ONLY multi channel flexible property portal.
  • Listings on Work Space Search are written by our team to be unique and remove any duplicate content issues occurring for advertisers, as well as being made as SEO / Search Engine friendly as possible.

ALL Advertisers get ALL of the following included in the price........

1 - YOUR Contact details are shown to searchers, not our details!

  • A Direct Contact Phone Number
  • Your Property Address
  • Your Company Name
  • A Direct Email Address
  • A "Do Follow" Back Link, to your chosen website page, with Your choice of Anchor Text

2 - Full Property Features and Information on Multiple "Tabbed" Pages, about You & Your Property / Service.

  • Map Page
  • Unlimited Images Page
  • Video Page
  • Floor Plans Page
  • Special Offers Page
  • Street Map View (coming soon)

3 - Blog Posts, News Articles & Social Media

  • Publish a Blog Post or News Article, Bi-Monthly on Work Space Search
  • Promote via Membership of The Work Space Search Forum (.....coming soon)
  • Additional Promotion via Membership of The Work Space Search Wiki (......coming soon)
  • Work Space Search Listings, and our Advertisers Information are Syndicated out via All Major Social Media Platforms.

4 - Descriptions and Features, shown as You want them shown.

  • Unique Location Description written to maximise SEO, by our team.
  • Unique Property Description written to maximise SEO, by our team.
  • Property Features
  • Quick Enquiry & Shortlist System