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Serviced Apartments & Apartment Hotels

Looking to Advertise your Serviced Apartments?

Unlimited Serviced Apartments can be advertised on Work Space Search for £65 per month + VAT where applicable. (other currencies will be calculated using at the time of invoice).

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Want to find Serviced Apartments?

Serviced Apartments or Apartment Hotels are supposed to act more like a home away from home, compared to a traditional hotel. Serviced Apartments are usually complete with separate living space, entertaining and dining rooms and sleeping areas, they are also often equipped with separate work / office space and have fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities.

Flexible accommodation is the focus for Serviced Apartments. Instead of a regular, more rigid format hotel stay, an Apartment Hotel usually offers a complete fully fitted apartment. The length of stay is varied, with some guests staying a few days, to some people using them for months especially business people on long away-stays.